Oh my god. ViolentAJ’s so awesome.

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YouTube – IIWC ViolentAJ 1st Promo

Thanks to catsonmars.

Here’s a nice myspace pic of my hero outside a yakiniku joint. Notice the three chicks in amazement that they found a black guy even more weak and sickly looking than the average Japanese male.

Mom 21:29
he’s a shrimp
no wonder he went to japan
brandon 21:29
I know
he’s kind of famous I’m learning
for being a fucktard
Mom 21:29
ok…that’s a new word
can’t the government keep him out?
or is he used for entertainment purposes
brandon 21:30
no, he’s just a crazy dude on the internet
Mom 21:31


Written by Brandon

December 11, 2007 at 8:59 pm

Posted in Daily Posts

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