Discrimination in the workplace

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I don’t wanna sound like a ranting foreigner in Japan, but I’m noticing how different I’m being treated, at least in Ogaki.

When I was teaching in Nagoya, I was treated pretty much like a regular teacher by the other teachers. They gave me a good desk, my own supplies for class, a locker, my own special spot in the shoe rack, and always gave me the reports they gave the other teachers.

In Ogaki however, they treat me like a complete stranger. My desk is different from everyone else’s. I get less drawers, and there’s no lock. It’s like I don’t have my own space there. They don’t have a place for me to put my shoes that’s labeled for me. I don’t have a locker either. They told me they don’t have any available lockers. Since I’m there most of the time, and they want me to play sports with the kids, you’d think they’d make it as easy for me as possible?

I know it sounds like bitching, but I’ve taught at schools that treated me as an equal. Hell, they even had welcome and farewell parties for me. They invited me to all the teacher parties. The teachers now don’t even talk to me before lessons. They don’t joke around with me during class. They just point at me and expect me to read their minds. My schools in Ogaki, it’s as if they just see me as a transient being who doesn’t really belong there.


Written by Brandon

May 7, 2008 at 6:58 pm

Posted in Japan

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