Look who just apologized.

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Dear Mr. Pittman,

This message is regarding the recent issue that affected your account
and the cancellation of a domain name you recently attempted to register
with us.

Details of this matter were recently brought to the attention of this
office, and we asked our Fraud department to re-evaluate your account.
Although we regret the inconvenience this has caused you, we are happy
to report that the account (which was locked after our standard fraud
review found some inconsistencies with your order) has been unlocked and
verified as legitimate.

It is important to us that you know Go Daddy did not take your domain
name for its own. The domain was cancelled after your order appeared as
potentially fraudulent. An attempt to reach you by phone using the
number on your account was unsuccessful, and we did not hear back after
leaving a message, so action was taken to protect you from fraud.

As of this writing, the domain name you originally registered is
available for purchase. If you would still like domain name, you may
register it through the same account as before (do not start a new
account as it may go through a similar fraud check and be flagged
again), or, of course, register with your Registrar of choice.

Please allow us to apologize once again for any inconvenience this has
caused. If you have any remaining questions or concerns about this
matter, please feel free to contact our office directly to discuss them.


Alon Waisman
Office of the President
14455 N. Hayden Rd. Suite 226
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(480) 505-8828 Phone
(480) 275-3975 Fax


Written by Brandon

May 14, 2008 at 5:45 pm

Posted in Daily Posts

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